Buddy the Dog and Kyle the photographer

The choice I made to own a dog at the age of 23 was a tough one, but I have never regret it!

This page is a photo journey that started back in 2003, long before I ever really had a passion for photography and owning my first DSLR in 2009. I started snapping pictures on a little Panasonic point and shoot that I had before I brought Buddy home, and very slowly the passion for photography grew in me. All the photos are in order from day 1, so don't expect any professional looking photos for a while.

Around 2010 I started learning more about camera's and compositions and all that good stuff, but even then I never though I would be shooting Weddings and Pet portraits in 2013. I went for the learn-by-google route and I practiced as much as I could, shooting everything and anything, until I was knowledgeable and confident enough to start charging for my work. Today I continue to take pictures of Buddy along with our new addition, Snow, a Portuguese Water Dog, who will make an appearance in some photos from 2013 to present.

I hope people enjoy the journey, and please feel free to ask me and questions about photography or anything else :)

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