"I'm there to document your story, to capture the emotion and excitement as it unfolds"

The Reward

"The collection of photos you gave us are absolutely lovely and I feel like they capture our day perfectly. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into our day as well as the editing process afterwards. We have loved working with you and we feel so lucky to have such a wonderful representation of our day to always look back on. Thanks so much!" 

Melissa and Reid

"We are so incredibly happy with the photos you have been sharing. I love love love the dancing photos! So beautiful! Thanks for being so awesome!"

Melissa and Reid

"We looked at the pics last night on the big screen ... and were simply blown away . loved it how you captured all the key moments, and the emotion!"

Adrian & Sophie

"You are so talented!!!!!! And you are guilty of me wanting to cover my whole apartment with photos!!!!! . So know I need a donation for a bigger place were I can have more walls! . Thank you really really so much. Everyone has complemented your work"

Cecy & Ryan

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